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Vapor Honing

Vapor Honing or Other Service Not Listed

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Service Description

- Vapor Honing: $80 per hour of machine time. - Wet oil degreasing: Additional charge starting at $40. - Disassembly and reassembly, if required, are priced separately. Typically, when a component necessitates labor both before and after service, it is incorporated into a comprehensive restoration package. While vapor honing is often perceived as a straightforward service, there are numerous intricate details to consider. Certain components, such as power steering pumps, A/C compressors, and oil pumps, may require meticulous disassembly to prevent the introduction of media or water into their mechanical parts. A profound understanding of these components' interaction and performance is essential for a safe approach to this service. Moreover, comprehension of flow dynamics and the physical interaction between media in the slurry and the substrate is crucial for achieving a uniform finish with the desired level of brightness within an efficient machine time frame.

Contact Details

  • Spring, TX, USA


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